Lions News · Grilc Swims Consideration Qualifying Times in 100 Breast Stoke

Neza Grilc has swam four conditional qualifying times for the state swim meet.  Her times this past season is 1:17.63, 1:17.53, 1:17.68 and 1:18.37.   Currently for MSHSAA state swimming championships the automatic qualifying time is 1:01.79 and the consideration time for the state meet is 1:08.49.  The consideration time qualifiers are used if there are not 32 automatic qualifiers.  The state then uses the top consideration times from fastest to slowest to round out the 32 swimmer field.  Girlc currently is outside the 32 fastest swimmers.  She is looking to make up some time in the conference meet January 29th and 30th to get into the top 32.