Multiple Teams · Spring Sports – AIP Update

Hello Spring Athletes,
Welcome to Spring AIP, where I (Ms. Halter) hope to give you the opportunity for a once-a-week check-in with me so we can make sure you are doing okay balancing academics and sports with all of the uncertainty that is going on in our lives these days. We just need to chat, email, or text for a few minutes per week so I can help you in any areas of need. For example, you want to be trying to do the best you can in all of your classes, and keeping track of that electronically may be a bit confusing and/or overwhelming–especially since none of us have ever done things this way. So to help with that, I could help you get organized. If you are confused about a certain assignment, I can look at it with you and help you figure out what the teacher means–or I could talk with that teacher to get an alternate explanation of the assignment.

I have just sent out the invites to you student-athletes and your coaches.

There is no written work or homework connected with this page–we just need to make sure to try to chat a minimum of one time per week starting the week of 6 April. My email is If you are able to send me an email next week to establish contact, that would be great. Otherwise, I will be reaching out to you via your school email–so make sure you are checking that. I will be keeping a record of whom I speak with each week and passing that on to the coaches. Think of this as your normal AIP requirement–just modified a bit.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email or ask the question in the comments section of Google Classroom. Thanks for already being on board with our *Modified* Spring AIP program. 🙂