High School Eligibility Standards

High School Eligibility

In order to play sports at the high school level, a student must earn a minimum of 3.0 credits in the prior semester to participate in MSHSAA sanctioned Activities and Athletics.  In addition, the student must have a Physical and Annual Documents completed by a physician, parent and student on file in the Athletic Department.

In addition, students must be enrolled in enough classes to earn 3.0 credits at the end of semester and be at school for 80% of the day.

Students must be enrolled within the first 11 days of the semester to be eligible.  A student’s eligibility will begin when they enroll as a freshman and will have up to the following 8 semesters of eligibility.  Student who turn 19 before July 1st will lose their eligibility.

The simplest way to avoid losing your eligibility and playing in college is to maintain good grades.

Here are some common questions about high school eligibility:

When are credits calculated? Credits are calculated on the last day of the semester. This means that once the semester is over, a student can not turn in more work to get a passing grade.

Can I take an incomplete to make up work and still be eligible? No, an incomplete means that you did not earn a credit. Therefore, you would not be eligible for the next semester.

How do virtual classes work such as E2020, Launch, etc. towards my eligibility? These courses must be completed by the last day of the semester to count for next semester. However, these courses do not count toward your NCAA eligibility.

What about summer school? During the summer you can earn up to one (1.0) credit toward eligibility for the next semester. However, the course must count toward a graduation requirement and if it is an elective, it must be in a core content area: science, social studies, math and/or English. You can not take an extra P.E. class during the summer to count for eligibility purposes. E2020 must be completed by the last day of summer school in order to count for eligibility.

I regained/lost my eligibility, what now? On the fifth day of school of the next semester, you will be eligible/ineligible to participate in games.