Safety Measures for Sporting Events

In order to best protect our community, the district will be following these safety measures:

  • The School District of University City requests that all attendees leave backpacks, satchels, fanny packs, athletic bags, tote bags or other bags at home or in their cars. All bags brought to the game will be searched before entry into the stadium. 
  • All attendees may be subject to a security wand search prior to entry into the stadium.
  • All University City High School students or high school students visiting from other schools must have a valid ID or they will not be admitted.
  • All elementary and middle school students must be accompanied by an adult or someone 17 years or older or they will not be admitted.
  • There will be no re-entry to the game after exiting the stadium.
  • The School District of University City reserves the right to deny entry to any athletic event to any person who fails to comply with these procedures.

Thank you for cooperation in insuring the safety of everyone at our events.